Max Fraser

Over the past 7 years my racing has been focused on 29ers, winning three nationals and three consecutive North American Championships.  I have also actively been training countless days around the country on high performance multihulls and big boats such as A Class Cats, D Class Cats, Lightspeed 32, Pro Sail 40s, Santa Cruz 50s and a RP 77 Akela.  Growing up just over an hour south of San Francisco, I have traveled there countless times and spent months at a time training on this incredibly unique piece of water. City front is not only a training ground but a place where I have proven my skill winning countless events up to the national level, as well as competing in my first open World Championship there at age 15. In addition to a comprehensive sailing life, I have also been very interested in the inner workings of boats, working in multiple boat yards and composite shops doing everything from basic fiberglass repairs to full rebuilds.  I have been involved in the building of three boats, including a Class 40, from making the mold to assisting in engineering structural components, to rigging and tuning it for ocean racing. I also am an avid rigger, working in multiple Northern California rigging shops to fund my own sailing programs. Over the past year I have focused my energy on building a new Melges 20 program as boat manager and Tactician/Main Trimmer. This has given me yet another opportunity to grow as a sailor by allowing me to race against some of the worlds best Melges 24 and 32 teams in the world who are transitioning into this new extremely competitive growing class. 


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